TorqueWerk GmbH launches and moves into its new facilities!

With the successful finalized EXIST I Forschungstransfer at ISEA in September last year TorqueWerk GmbH moved over to the TPH in Herzogenrath near Aachen. The new Start-up and RWTH Aachen, represented by its INNOVATIONS GmbH agreed over an IP-Licensing contract regarding the project results for the new company. Furthermore, all equipment from the project was transferred from the RWTH Aachen to the newly founded company as the founding rules required. This enabled the ongoing development of motors, test benches and further infrastructure at the new location.

Already in November 2019 TorqueWerk was able to present a new 60 kW segmented motor at the SPS fair in N├╝rnberg. The motor has 1000 Nm torque and has a weight of only 650 kg, left in the picture.

(Source TorqueWerk GmbH)

TorqueWerk GmbH develops, produces and sells industrial Motors based on the principal of synchronous reluctance motors. The motor concept allows high torque values with air cooling and coevally high efficiency. The motor can be driven as direct drive and replace geared motors or torque motors based on PM machines. The flat, disk like and segmented design due to teeth windings allows the direct integration in the application machine in an easy way.

Thanks to the modular building blocks based on the motor segments TorqueWerk enables particularly small and mid-size company’s new possibilities to build integrated machines and a way up to their own special purpose drive based on standard parts.

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Source ISEA Stromrichtertechnik und Elektrische Antriebe, RWTH Aachen